WP Pinner – WordPress Plugin for Pinterest – Review

After installing and using the WordPress plugin “WP Pinner” for a while from Wilco de Kreij, it’s time for a product review. Wilco has created a great WordPress plugin for adding content to Pinterest. It’s easy to use.

There has been a lot of raving about Pinterest. After talking with a few social media friends, I decided it was time to join and start pinning on Pinterest. I do a lot of blogging and I wanted to add Pinterest to my blog. After trying another plugin, I decided to try WP Pinner. I was glad that I made the move to WP Pinner.

WP Pinner WordPress Plugin for Pinterest

WP Pinner not only allows me to automatically upload my blog to Pinterest with a picture, it also give me stats on the activity around my pins. By creating pins on my 4JeffBrown Pinterest Social Media Information Board, it allows me to drive traffic back to my blog. This is yet another way for my blog to be discovered.

Upload Blog Pictures To Pinterest Via WP Pinner
Upload To Pinterest

So how does WP Pinner work? Well first of all, you need to create a blog post and place a picture in the blog post. Then you go over to the WP Pinner Boards section on the right side (for me) and start making the selections you want:

  1. You have to check the “Post on Publish” check box,
  2. You have to select which Board you want to publish to – You can select a default Board in the settings to save a step every time,
  3. You write a brief description for Pinterest pin,
  4. You select the image you want to upload to Pinterest
  5. And when you publish the post, it’s done. It is that simple.

I have uploaded a few posts already to Pinterest. People are coming to my blog via Pinterest. This simple WordPress plugin is making my life easier. I am now seeing more traffic, at the cost of a few extra clicks. How about that?

Here is a “How To” video on the simple process:

If you want to get started with WP Pinner, here is the link to get started. I recommend this plugin for your WordPress site if you are going to use Pinterest.

7 Responses to WP Pinner – WordPress Plugin for Pinterest – Review

  1. Very interesting. I’m not sure about wanting the type of pictures you show. It looked like there was at least one more option in your video. I’ll definitely give it a try, though.

  2. Vapourware – doesn’t exist, and besides a few bloggers claiming to have it, nobody’s seen it in the wild. There’s only ONE Pinterest auto-pinning plugin that exists and works, and that’s at http://pinterestmagic.net – everything else? Yeah. Right.

  3. i just try and ite not work for me
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /…/public_html/hellocoloring.com/wp-content/plugins/wppinner22/wp-pinner.php on line 679
    Done. Please wait the page will reload.

  4. FajarFriend Hi Fajar. From my experience, you might have a plugin conflict or you might not have enough memory on host site. Check for those Fajar first.