Watching Your Twitter Talk. It Can Land You In Hot Water

Twitter is a place for sharing and talking. But if you’re not watching what you’re saying, there can be dire consequences to your actions.

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Sam Brown

A story I found on “Mashable will give you an idea of what not to put out on Twitter. A young man by the name of Riley was cyber bullying Olympic diver Tom Daley on Twitter. The British boy was outraged when Daley came in fourth place for diving.

Riley took to twitter tweeting to Daley, “You let your dad down I hope you know that.” Daley’s father had died May 2011 from a brain tumor. The young man Riley was not aware of the death of Daley’s father; so trying to cover his tracks, he tweeted an apology. When Daley did not respond to Riley’s apologetic tweet, Riley had only this to say… “Why don’t you respond to me you p#*%k stop getting me hate alright I’ve said I’m sorry now F-Bomb.” – (profanity edited, you’ll get the idea)

This, as you can see, is beyond unprofessional talk on Twitter. The young man was arrested for his harassment and unruly words. You can see why I want you to be careful with your words and what your say to others.

The stuff you’re putting on Twitter is a permanent mark. It cannot only bring you down, but your business as well. People will see what you’re saying and judge you by it.

Are your words bringing you down or building your likeability up?

Sam Brown

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  1. Sam,

    Boom! This is so key. Do you know that HR departments now search social media before they employee someone? How to act on social media can influence friends, jobs, places you can rent, bank loans and even which schools will accept your application.

    More and more your social media presence is part of the equation.