Twitter Posts Into A WordPress Blog: How To :-)

WordPress now allows you to copy and paste a tweet right into a WordPress blog. You see it as it is on Twitter. Here is how it is done.

Here’s a tweet from Dan Zarella @DanZarrella talking about a company that he says is 1 year behind on it’s information. Now this is quite a statement from Dan.

So how did I get this Twitter post to show up in my blog? Here’s the “How To”:

  1. Find the tweet you want to bring in
  2. Right mouse click (PC) or two fingers click (Mac) and look for “Copy link address” – click on “Collapse” or “Expand” to start process – see image below
  3. Select “Copy link address”, or something similar, to copy URL for tweet – different browsers will use different words
  4. Go to the spot in your WordPress post where you want tweet to show and paste it into that spot. Right mouse click (PC) or two finger click (Mac) to get Paste.
  5. Leave Twitter URL on one line all by itself
  6. And that’s it. You are done

How to add tweet to WordPress

To check that you have the right thing copied, it should look like this: “” – quotations added to make URL visible. When you copy and paste URL, there will be no quotations. Just leave the URL on it’s own line. It is that simple. Go and try it.

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