Playing With My New Blackberry Playbook

As you read this, I will be playing with my new Blackberry Playbook that I purchased at Staples Canada in Truro, Nova Scotia. Thanks to a few great fiends at Staples, I had a chance to see my Playbook and handle it a few days ago. But today I get to turn it on and take it for a test drive. The people of Staples, Gina, Vince and Kevin were awesome in helping me get the Playbook.

Blackberry Playbook

One of the things I am looking forward to is presenting with it. As a professional social media speaker, I am looking forward to carrying around a lot less weight. Most laptops may weight 6 to 8 pounds. My main Toshiba Qosmio laptop weighs 10 pounds. That may not seem heavy; but once you cart it and the carrying case through the airport, it gets heavy.

So far there are a lot of mixed reviews about what the Playbook has and what it does not have. I am glad it will have Flash. The Apps, they will come. I like the Blackberry security. There will be lots of updates to come as they find and begin to fix system issues.

I am expecting a lot from RIM; but I know that there are early issues that will occur that will need to be addressed as they get discovered. Some patience with the Playbook will be required.

So at 7:00 AM this morning, I will be going though the doors of Staples to get my Playbook. Gina and Vince will be there to greet me and help me look at some of the accessories for the Playbook. My Blackberry Torch is ready to be hooked up to it as well. Can you tell that I am excited about this new device. I see lots of great uses for business. I will be showing it off to all my business and social media friends.

For My Silver Level Fans


You know that I will be sharing pictures and video as soon as I can about the Blackberry Playbook. I will be taking it around to my business clients that I am training with. So get ready for a look at an awesome tool for business and social media. I will give you a first heads up when I do.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. I will try my best to answer them for you.


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