Buying Twitter followers; Should You Do It?

You want more Twitter followers. But should you take the easy way out and buy them? Read on for the true cost of Twitter followers.

My good friend Rob Cairns @RobCairns was sent the above @mention message on Twitter. And since Rob has a good sense of humor, he replied thus:

Rob Cairns Social Media
Rob Cairns

Rob’s response says it all. Rob has built, and I have watched him, a successful Twitter community by engagement. Rob’s comment hits the nail on the head for building a vital community on Twitter. Let’s look at the issue in greater detail.

Now I know that people look at numbers. But numbers do not indicate the health of a Twitter community. Just because people are following you, it does not mean that they are watching you or even responding to your questions. Here’s the bottom line. If followers are not engaging with you and listening, they are not making your Twitter community healthy and vital.

I wrote about this issue in my blog post about Twitter Listeners. In that post I outlined the benefits of creating “Listeners” and not “Followers”. With these thoughts in mind, why would you want to go out and buy Twitter “Followers”? Who is going to guarantee that these “Followers” will even pay attention to your efforts? Certainly not the seller!

Here’s my advice: don’t buy Twitter followers. Go out and engage with others and you will attract true Twitter “Listeners”. They will be responsive and will refer your stuff across the web.

So what’s our walk-a-way for today? Engage, engage and engage some more. This will build a vital and healthy Twitter community around you. If you take the easy way and buy Twitter followers, it will cost you in wasted time, energy and money.

3 Responses to Buying Twitter followers; Should You Do It?

  1. Actually, I think it is a great way to start a twitter account for a new business, band, or artist. That is because it is almost impossible to get twitter followers when you first start out. We all know that people do not want to follow people who have zero twitter followers. So this can give them a boost. I guarantee you that your natural followings quadruple after you buy twitter followers. Plus, not many people think about this but if you buy twitter followers then this allows you to follow more people yourself. Because you can only follow as many people as you have following yourself. So this is a great way to be able to follow hundreds and even thousands of people you target yourself. So instead of only being able to follow the regular 2,000 you would be able to follow how ever many thousands you now have.

  2.  @SMFollowing You bring up a good point about being allowed to follow more. I could see buying followers for McDonalds or a company that does business to customer; where everyone can be a customer.
    But for me, most of my work is business to business and I want my Twitter network to be full over active Twitter accounts. Buying followers does not guarantee active Twitter accounts not accounts that are interested in what you have to say at all.
    To me, having a Twitter account with followers who do nothing is not what I want. My Twitter account is vital and full of lively peeps. I value every last one of them because I took the time to engage and connect with those who make a difference 🙂 
    I would encourage you to tweet more than 15 times. Twitter is a great place to connect and discover true gems. I am here cheering you on.
    After all, if you want to be part of Twitter, you have to be there on a regular basis.