Buying Twitter followers; Should You Do It?

You want more Twitter followers. But should you take the easy way out and buy them? Read on for the true cost of Twitter followers.

My good friend Rob Cairns @RobCairns was sent the above @mention message on Twitter. And since Rob has a good sense of humor, he replied thus:

Rob Cairns Social Media
Rob Cairns

Rob’s response says it all. Rob has built, and I have watched him, a successful Twitter community by engagement. Rob’s comment hits the nail on the head for building a vital community on Twitter. Let’s look at the issue in greater detail.

Now I know that people look at numbers. But numbers do not indicate the health of a Twitter community. Just because people are following you, it does not mean that they are watching you or even responding to your questions. Here’s the bottom line. If followers are not engaging with you and listening, they are not making your Twitter community healthy and vital.

I wrote about this issue in my blog post about Twitter Listeners. In that post I outlined the benefits of creating “Listeners” and not “Followers”. With these thoughts in mind, why would you want to go out and buy Twitter “Followers”? Who is going to guarantee that these “Followers” will even pay attention to your efforts? Certainly not the seller!

Here’s my advice: don’t buy Twitter followers. Go out and engage with others and you will attract true Twitter “Listeners”. They will be responsive and will refer your stuff across the web.

So what’s our walk-a-way for today? Engage, engage and engage some more. This will build a vital and healthy Twitter community around you. If you take the easy way and buy Twitter followers, it will cost you in wasted time, energy and money.