Blogging With The Blackberry Playbook

I am using the Blackberry Playbook to write this blog post to demo some of the features of the Blackberry Playbook. So far I am impressed with the functionality of the Playbook.

Here is a video I shot with the built in video camera. This video was just up loaded in it’s raw form so you can see what can be done. I had to add a WordPrerss Plugin to load the mp4 file.

The video is a fun shot of my friends  at Re/Max in Dartmouth. It is not edited for optimum file size at all. Please let it load and then play it. You may need to view it a second time to see it play smoothly. I usually up load my videos to YouTube after they have been edited on Camtasia. In this case, I wanted to see how this would work if I just uploaded it directly from the Blackberry Playbook.

Video shot on a Blackberry Playbook

Here is a picture that I up loaded from the Blackberry Playbook. This will give you an idea of the quality that it will produce.

Picture taken using a Blackerry Playbook

This picture was taken from the front camera. Notice how clear and sharp the picture it. I think it takes an extra 10 pounds off 🙂 LOL. The Playbook has a front and rear facing camera. Both work well. Switching is as simple as pressing the screen icon.

I also up loaded a PowerPoint presentation. This is one of the key features I looked forward to in the Playbook. I like what I see so far. One request I have would be this, to allow the bullets to appear one at a time and not all at once. I will have to search for this feature.

I also showed a group of business clients how the Playbook handles videos on YouTube. The picture quality was awesome and the play was seem less. We watched Rick Mercer sport the Blackberry Helmet. Rick is so funny.

Currently, I am playing with the features on the Playbook. I am loving the wireless keyboard as well.

If you are playing with a Blackberry Playbook, I would love to hear your comments.

4 Responses to Blogging With The Blackberry Playbook

  1. There has been an update to the Playbook which has fixed some of the issues with it; especially with the connecting issue to Desktop Manager. How are you doing with your Playbook?