How Photos & Videos Can Create Better Interactions? #Marketing #socialmedia

Your business social media efforts need to provide a Return On Investment. If you are putting your time and effort into creating social media posts, or you are paying someone to do it, you need to see results. But are there specific post types that work better for your business in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro or elsewhere?

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3 Parts Of A Social Media Recommend? #Halifax #socialmedia

Everyone wants their business to be recommended on social media regardless if it is in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro, Toronto or elsewhere. Word of mouth recommendations are the heart beat for businesses everywhere. Social media recommendations are becoming just as important to business. Read more at: Continue Reading

What Do You Do With Those Great Thoughts? #socialmedia #Halifax

Great thoughts can just pop right into your head. These thoughts can really help you and others be encouraged, empowered and entertained. Do you have a plan for capturing them and using them for your business in Halifax, Dartmouth or elsewhere? Your social media efforts could benefit from sharing these thoughts. Read more at: Continue Reading

Why Reading Can Help You Lead In Social Media #Halifax #Leadership

Leaders are readers. They learn and expand their thinking by reading the thoughts of others. Social media is no different. If you want to be a leader in Halifax, Dartmouth and elsewhere, you are going to have to be a reader. You are going to have to grow beyond yourself. Read more at: Continue Reading

Why You Need To Rethink Your Social Media To Build A Better #Business

Like everything else, you need to rethink and evaluate your social media efforts to make sure that you are building a great community around you and your business, and that you are staying on course. Are you doing things that aren’t working? Are you drifting off course? Read more at: Continue Reading